InternetSome things can be changed with just a small discussion. Other times, you need to be a bit firmer. I will show you an example. Let’s say that you have talked to your provider about something. Let’s say that he or she is doing nothing to change it. There are some things you can do. Don’t be afraid to go over the person’s head. Sometimes you have to speak to the person in charge. This way you can actually get somewhere. Unfortunately, some staff members don’t value your account the way they should. They rather take you for granted. They don’t respond to your emails or calls.

The next step is to go to their boss. Sometimes this scares the person into treating you a little bit better. The person might not like you that much afterwards, but it will prove a point. It will prove that you do matter as a client. What happens when this fails? If the boss promises to say something and doesn’t, then you need to look into someone new. There is only so far you can go with someone, before you realize it’s a lost cause. This goes for WAN providers too.

Another common situation involves the contract. What happens when there are changes made? What happens when you aren’t notified and the guy just blows you off? Schedule a meeting with the guy, his boss and get someone from your side in on it too. Make it clear you want to be notified. What happens when the other side puts on a front for this meeting? What happens if the other side just gives you lip service? This does happen a lot, unfortunately. Your best bet, again, is to get someone new. You will find in the professional world that some companies just don’t care about you or your situation. It’s best to wipe the slate clean. Move onto someone who does care.