wan providerYour WAN Service provider is just like any other relationship you are in. You need to know the two of you can move forward and be successful. You need to know your provider is the right one for you. Sometimes it does get hard to tell. Unless you know what to look for specifically, you won’t know when enough is enough.

I am here today to present you with some of those hard-to-read signs. These signs are all red flags. They also indicate that you need to walk away and find someone new.

  1. Contracts are supposed to be made in good faith. There shouldn’t be any major changes done to your deal, unless the provider speaks to you first. The provider needs to give you details and all your best options. Those choices are yours to make, not your SD-WAN provider. If he does anything, which can’t be explained, then you need to walk away. If your provider can’t give you some sort of honest explanation for any situation that comes up, you need to cut the ties. This is wrong, plain, and simple.
  2. If your WAN provider is dealing with any type of merger, he or she is required to tell you. As the customer, you have a right to know. If you provider fails to explain these things too, you need to let him go. Don’t even hesitate on this. Your relationship is about trust. This is something, which comes from both ends. If you feel you can’t trust your provider, there is something wrong here.
  3. Has your provider snuck in secret charges without your knowledge? Many of them will do this. Look over your bill. Which charges are there which shouldn’t be? Discuss this with your provider. If you are not using the lines, you shouldn’t be charged for the usage. Don’t fall prey to this game. If you are not getting a straight answer from your provider on this, leave them right away. They probably won’t even be sorry you are gone. Companies who are sorry to lose you don’t do this sort of thing.
  4. Have you reported anything to the company recently? Is anyone doing anything to relieve the situation? This is a problem. You are a customer and you should be coming first. If the company is doing nothing to help you on escalated issues, then walk. Chances are they won’t be sorry to see you go. This happens a lot with the bigger WAN providers. They get so big; they lose sight of the little things and people.

Don’t let these things happen to you. If you or someone you know is going through this, please speak to someone. Have them call another company and move on. In most cases like this, the company didn’t really care that much about you to start with.